Some ottomans are made to possess the base and calf rubbing system all in-one and totally connected as you strong device, such as the Individual Contact Actouch HT-9500 shiatsu massage chair and also the Omega Aires, but others possess the base detached in the calf massager, hence assisting the power of the higher individual to extend their thighs by trimming out the base part of the ottoman, which makes it parallel towards the massager for that leg. A typical example of this kind of leg and base massager will be the Panasonic 30007. The down-side with this specific kind of utilization of the foot massager is the fact that the foot massager eventually ends up rubbing the attributes of the user's legs.

 A happy method has been discovered by Inada by executive an "accordion-like" connection between the leg massagers and also the base, permitting an individual that was taller to merely increase their thighs that were longer using the foot massager remaining perpendicular towards the leg massager.

 The great majority of leg massagers use and the base airbags to produce the effect that is rubbing. Each producer has its amazing setup of the airbags to supply their own sense, however the essential gist of each massager for leg and base is the fact that the airbags shrink the calves in one single form. Some retention occurs all at one time, while some fill in a series style such that it feels as though the thighs are "moving" down and up.

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